Holly Charlotte Campbell is a Vintage and Secondhand Stylist, Creative Director, Model and Writer.

As a Stylist, Holly’s conscious approach encompasses sourcing vintage and secondhand clothing and promoting mindful wardrobe practices. She encourages us to think about our sense of self and our consumption to inspire a new and empowering fashion culture. This means style over fashion by centralising the individual and their experience, encouraging creativity and self-awareness to transform repetitive consumption habits into exciting and positive relationships with our wardrobes. Read more about Holly’s ethos for creating a new fashion culture here and see Holly’s styling work here.

In 2016, Holly established ProjectFEM.com, a collective uniting feminism and fashion towards an empowered fashion culture. ProjectFEM birthed from Holly’s undergraduate research examining the fashion industry through a feminist lens and commentates on feminism, fashion and popular culture. Through the collective, Holly hosted a Feminist Fashion and Networking event in London. Directing and Project Managing the event, she showcased a collection of sustainable, ethical and feminist designers with a cast of representative and diverse models. Activist voices from the industry also attended with speeches from Birdsong and The Women’s Equality Party. Holly has represented ProjectFEM at a Women’s Institute panel and hosted a talk on contemporary feminism for UaL students.

As a Creative Director, Holly collaborates with creatives to produce rich and characterful visuals. Drawing on vintage and retro styling, namely the 60s, and laced with British music and subcultural references, Holly nurtures individual personality and authenticity to craft interesting and coherent stories that are full of life, depth and are also beautiful to look at. See Holly’s Creative Directing work here.

As a Writer, Holly’s focus spans fashion, popular culture, women and contemporary feminism. She weaves social and feminist perspectives to inspire new thought towards a harmonious and positive way of living and empowered sense of self. Holly has written jounalistically on politics and women as well as commercially for a host of creative, press and media clients. Get a taste for Holly’s writing here.

Holly graduated from the University of the Arts London with an MA in Media, Communications and Critical Practice and from the University of Northampton with a First Class Social Care and Education Ba (Hons). Her dissertation research encompass: How the UK Fashion Industry Can Promote a Positive Representation of Feminism (A+), and The Extent to Which Women’s Magazines are Adequate Mediums for Contemporary Feminism (A-).

Want to work with Holly Charlotte Campbell? email Holly-Campbell@live.co.uk