Styling, hair and make up is model’s own in a short film for luxury glovemaker C’est Jeanne


Producer, Director and Cinematographer :@esc.artss
Client: @cest_jeanne
Score: Roberto Figus
Editor: Albert Bana
Performers in order of appearance:
Billy Leonard
Jezabelle Bonaparte
Voice-Over Artists:
Ingrid Danel
Sara Bourre
Gaffer: @charlie_lodge
Spark: @olga__lagun
1st AC: @ashton_adot
2nd AC: @Matthewhollis_
Floor Runner: Barbara Aronica
Sound Recordist: @jaya.345
DIT: Marco Carrubba
Colourist: @philippmorozov
Bass Guitar: Nicholas Figus
Humming: Anne Willicombe
Sound Mix: Joseph Beisty


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